4 Problems the Falcons created by drafting Michael Penix Jr. 8th overall

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2. The message this sends to Kirk Cousins

The story of Kirk Cousins' career at least early on was the refusal of a franchise to put their arms around him. The quarterback thrived when his competition was removed and he was embraced as THE guy. This was supposed to be the case in Atlanta and you have added a replacement before he has ever taken a snap for the team.

Atlanta has embraced a quarterback they just gave ridiculous money to over a four-year contract. Instead, their first big move since signing Cousins is bringing in someone who forces him to be looking over his shoulder.

Penix Jr. wasn't drafted to be the starter but what happens if Cousins struggles or faces injury? You're inviting a quarterback debate before ever truly giving Kirk Cousins a chance to establish himself in Atlanta.

Forget the future and focus on the next two seasons Kirk Cousins is your starting quarterback. The cap situation demands it and instead of adding defensive help or a weapon, the franchise opted to draft his replacement. It hardly bodes well for a franchise that spent their offseason talking up Kirk Cousins and chasing after the veteran quarterback.