4 Problems the Falcons created by drafting Michael Penix Jr. 8th overall

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4. Relying on day two and three picks to play a meaningful role

If Terry Fontenot and Raheem Morris have a flawless draft the problems created by drafting Penix Jr. will go away for the most part. However, what are the chances you find contributors or starters at receiver, corner, edge, and safety in the next two days?

This is why drafting Penix Jr. 8th overall is such a tough decision. Atlanta needed to add a starting edge rusher or at worst a receiver or corner. Taking a player that is going to be sitting on the bench is problematic with the needs left on the roster.

What is Atlanta going to make the most important in rounds two and three? With limited cap space and few impact free agents left on the market, there are very few options for the front office. Give the Falcons credit if they are right and Penix Jr. is a franchise quarterback.

However, how are we supposed to evaluate the pick in the three years it will take to answer that question? That in itself is generous assuming the Falcons will start Penix Jr. in year three and have their answer.