4 Prominent former Atlanta Falcons still searching for a landing spot

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Looking at the names left in free agency there are a number of former Atlanta Falcons still searching for their next landing spot. Names that helped define the Falcons under the previous front office that Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot were ready to move on from.

Starting with Atlanta's former franchise quarterback who had a nightmare first season with the Colts leading to his release.

1. Matt Ryan

Looking at the numbers objectively and considering what Matt Ryan accomplished there is no question the veteran should be a future Hall of Famer. You don't have the sustained success Ryan had without being great and the fact that production came from a historically bad organization makes it all the more impressive.

With that said, however, it was clear in the 2022 season Ryan isn't the player he once was and is out of starting options. Outside of taking a role mentoring a young quarterback or joining a bad rebuilding team there isn't a path to Ryan sticking around in the league in the 2023 season and having a real chance to start.

Perhaps sitting back for a season and hunting a ring on one of this season's top contenders allowing his body to get healthy would set the stage for one final season as a starter giving Ryan a better end to his career than he was given in Indy.