4 Prominent former Atlanta Falcons still searching for a landing spot

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Julio Jones
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2. Julio Jones

It is too often forgotten just how great of a player Julio Jones was and is still capable of being on the rare occasion he can stay on the field. After leaving Atlanta two years ago Jones has flamed out with both the Titans and Bucs unable to stay healthy or find sustained success.

A season after failing to get his career back on track with Tom Brady what moves are left for Julio? Jones is going to be forced to sign a cheap veteran deal if he returns deciding between joining a serious contender as a depth piece or a bad team with a chance to play a larger role.

Considering what both Jones and Matt Ryan were in their careers just two seasons ago is an indication of how quickly this league changes and careers can pass by. Julio is another former Falcon who is a clear Hall of Famer whenever he does decide to hang it up.

It wouldn't be shocking to see Jones wait until camp to sign with a team allowing himself more time to get healthy and pick the right situation for his third season after leaving Atlanta. A season that will likely find Jones landing on his fourth team in as many seasons.