4 Prominent former Atlanta Falcons still searching for a landing spot

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Keanu Neal
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4. Keanu Neal

In Tom Brady's final season with the Bucs, the team loaded up on former Atlanta Falcons players including safety/linebacker Keanu Neal. Neal was a good player for the Falcons before two injuries derailed his career and Keanu hasn't been the same player since.

Neal spent time with the Cowboys attempting to switch positions after losing a step or two post-injury. The position swap didn't work well and Neal moved back to the secondary in the 2022 season for Tampa Bay.

Neal isn't close to the player he was when Atlanta drafted him before the 2016 season. Speed was never his strongest attribute and injuries and time in the league have furthered this problem.

Neal is no longer a starting safety and is unlikely to find a fit at linebacker. While he can still be a contributor to a defense the safety is no longer capable of bringing the physicality he once did to the Atlanta defense.

For Neal to further his career there will have to be an adjustment with the former Atlanta Falcons switching into a reserve role.

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