4 Prospects Falcons can draft to make Kirk Cousins life easier in Atlanta

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1. Joe Alt

It is doubtful that the Atlanta Falcons get the chance to draft tackle Joe Alt. Atlanta's chances rely on teams being desperate for a quarterback and the top three receivers all going ahead of Alt. For the Falcons, this pick would be somewhat of a need as well as a luxury.

They are paying Kaleb McGary top starter money at right tackle and have an established veteran at left tackle in Jake Matthews. Matthews is still playing at a high level and shouldn't be replaced as of yet. McGary is a completely different story and if not for his contract would be moved on from this offseason.

Atlanta is able to move off McGary next offseason without a terrible dead cap hit. This gives them the ability to bring in Joe Alt and ease him into the rotation. Whether it is age catching Jake Matthews or McGary being incapable in pass protection it is probable Atlanta will need to replace at least one in the next season. Alt projects as a franchise player and a long term answer who will likely be able to play on either side. If Alt falls their way there is zero question what they should do.