4 Prospects Falcons can draft to make Kirk Cousins life easier in Atlanta

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3. Dallas Turner

How does drafting an edge rusher help Kirk Cousins you may ask? It would be helpful if you have a defense capable of getting to the quarterback and getting consistent stops. Part of the issue that fans and pundits take with Cousins is his lack of playoff wins. While quarterback wins seems to be a stat of convenience let's play along for the sake of the argument.

Take a look back at each playoff game in Kirk Cousins career and look at how the defense performed in the clutch. Daniel Jones put up 31-playoff points on the Vikings while the year before San Francisco put up 27 and harassed Kirk in the pocket.

The loss before that goes back to Kirk's days in Washington and that defense gave up 35-points to Green Bay in a loss. The point being that this is a team sport and no matter how great Kirk's weapons are if the Falcons cannot rush the passer the Falcons aren't winning anything of substance.

Dallas Turner is a starter on day one for the Falcons and one would think has to have more of an impact than last year's starters. Atlanta has been searching for a pass-rushing answer for most of the last decade. Kirk Cousins and Atlanta's explosive offense is going to need help and that only happens with a capable pass rusher.