4 Quarterbacks that would have the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs this season

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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1. Matt Ryan

Before you argue this point, please look back at the Atlanta Falcons 2021 roster and consider what Ryan did. While Ryan had the worst season of his career on paper he was fighting an uphill battle. The season made it clear that this regime wanted their own quarterback. The offensive line was a complete mess and Ryan took a level of punishment no quarterback should have to endure.

Add in zero number one options at receiver and the Falcons' offense was Ryan trying to stay alive long enough to find Patterson or Pitts. Don't forget this season was the year that Mike Davis was brought in to save the Falcons run game. Despite a terrible roster and little around him the Falcons still found a way to win 7 games with Matt Ryan.

Ryan's reward was the front office chasing Watson and pushing out their franchise quarterback. They did so without a real plan to replace him and two years later they are still paying the price. Even an old Ryan finds a way to win 9-10 games with Atlanta's 2023 defense. Ryan's leadership and experience would have been an upgrade over Mariota, Heinicke, and Ridder in each of the last three seasons. No matter who you blame for forcing Ryan out it clearly was handled very poorly and objectively was a mistake.