4 Quarterbacks that would have the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs this season

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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3. Baker Mayfield

Sunday's game against the Saints was ugly but clearly was an outlier from what has been a great season for Baker. Let's not forget that this Tampa roster is far from the one that Tom Brady led to a division title last season. The Bucs limped to the finish and barely found a way to beat Sam Darnold and claim the division. Mayfield and the Bucs have embraced an underdog mentality and continually found ways to win this season.

If Mayfield was on Atlanta's roster the Falcons are in the playoffs and perhaps a real contender to win a round or two. Baker has completely changed the way he is viewed and will have a chance at starting roles this season.

This is the type of move that Atlanta should have made and perhaps we wouldn't be in this mess. The Falcons opted to hand Desmond Ridder the starting job while the Bucs brought in Baker and forced Trask to fight for a starting role. We obviously see the results of this and how it has played out for Tampa this season.