4 Quarterbacks that would have the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs this season

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
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4. Joe Flacco

Perhaps with a lesser coach the version of Flacco we have watched with the Browns doesn't show up. However, if anything close is able to start in Atlanta the Falcons are making it into the playoffs this season. Flacco has plenty of turnovers on the season by unlike Atlanta's starters is canceling them out by scoring touchdowns.

Flacco has turned back the clock this season and is letting it fly giving his playmakers a chance. Whether it is force-feeding Amari Cooper or finding a way to blow out the Jets without his best receiver this is one of the most impressive accomplishments we have seen this season.

The Falcons just needed a top 15-20 starter this season to make it into the playoffs and win double digit games. Joe Flacco gives you that and the veteran leadership that this team so obviously needs on the offensive side of the ball.