4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could draft after signing Kirk Cousins

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1. Michael Penix Jr.

The Atlanta Falcons are still a landing spot for a rookie quarterback at the right point in the draft. They would be wise to draft a prospect each of the next two seasons giving themselves two potential lottery tickets. We have seen this strategy pay off recently with Jordan Love clearly becoming a franchise quarterback after spending years behind Aaron Rodgers.

If there was one player that fits Atlanta and could sit for two years it is Penix. The former Washington quarterback can make every needed throw and is a pocket passer that would fit Zac Robinson's system. However, there is the concern that Penix Jr. is already an older prospect, and sitting him for two seasons shortens his window.

Despite this, it is clear he isn't ready to be a starting quarterback and the Falcons could take their time in developing him. The problem with this move is the fact it will likely take an early 2nd round pick or a late 1st to land the prospect.

Aside from that you would also bring in instant quarterback discussions drafting a prospect this highly. Something the Atlanta front office and their fans are all tired of. Still, the fit is far too exciting to completely ignore.