4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could draft after signing Kirk Cousins

NFL Combine
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3. Joe Milton

Joe Milton impressed at the NFL Combine and has a chance to become a surprise pick despite his early draft projections. Milton's arm and abilities make him such a fascinating prospect to attempt to evaluate. The lack of college-sustained success is a clear concern but not all starting NFL quarterbacks had impressive college careers.

What stands out about Milton is he is such a smart quarterback and has unreal physical tools. However, he is unable to set up his receivers for success. While Milton is clearly extremely talented what has led to his lack of draft hype is the struggles when throwing the ball past the sticks.

There also is a concerning disconnect with understanding how to lead his receivers or not signal the defense where the football is going to go. Milton is the exact type of project quarterback you want to have in the building in the next two years. Someone who has a chance to turn into a starting option without posing an instant threat to Kirk Cousins.

Allow Milton to come in and work for Atlanta's young talent and give him time to sit back and learn the clear adjustments he needs to make.