4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons could draft after signing Kirk Cousins

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4. Sam Hartman

Sam Hartman and Joe Milton are alike in the fact they both look the part of a franchise quarterback but come with clear development concerns. Hartman is an older prospect as well and with Kirk Cousins starting for at least two years this could rule him out as a potential project.

Atlanta should be a bit cautious of this pick just based on the way that Hartman played the position. He was often at his best at the college level when on the move and making throws outside of the pocket or off schedule.

With his skillset, Hartman is going to stick at this level only if he can learn to avoid continually playing this style. It doesn't exactly fit the offense they are installing in Atlanta and there are changes that have to be made. Including the fact that Hartman is going to quickly realize he cannot get away and buy time the way he did in college. At this level that is going to result in a lot of broken plays and lost yardage.

Still, Hartman can make the needed NFL throws and showed great ball placement consistently. He has enough athleticism to be an occasional threat and could be a good project quarterback to learn behind Kirk Cousins.