4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons must avoid this offseason

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1. Bo Nix

There is zero reason to believe that the Atlanta Falcons offense would work with Bo Nix as their starting quarterback. There is a reason the former Ducks signal-caller stayed in college ball as long as he did. While the numbers and level of play were impressive, Bo still isn't a franchise quarterback at the next level.

Not to say that in the right system, Nix couldn't have some solid moments but the likely outcome is the version we saw of Bo at Auburn showing up at the next level. There is reason to believe he cannot lead a complex offense at the next level and the tendency to push the ball into turnover chances is going to hurt Nix at the next level as well.

Bo Nix isn't a fit for the Falcons and there if the Falcons added a capable second option wouldn't be able to win the starting job. The Falcons are looking for stability after a season of Henicke and Ridder, Bo Nix is the complete opposite of that. Drafting a quarterback should only be an option if it is one of the players ranked well ahead of Nix. Otherwise, Atlanta is better off looking at veteran options.

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