4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons must avoid this offseason

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3. J.J. McCarthy

J.J. McCarthy just won a National Championship and deserves immense respect for what he accomplished at the college level. However, there should be no scenario in which the Falcons consider drafting the Michigan quarterback.

In the season's biggest moments, the team opted to take the ball out of the quarterback's hands and run the football. J.J. was a great college quarterback but not one that carried his team, he was a great game manager who had some big moments.

Even the much-maligned Stetson Bennett who led Georgia to a National Championship last season played a bigger role for his team than J.J. did in their playoff run. Stetson caught heat both due to his size and age. However, J.J. should be viewed much the same as a mid-round pick who could be a solid game manager in a pinch or a long-term backup.

Teams are fooling themselves if they believe that what we saw at Michigan doesn't tell us exactly who J.J. is as a quarterback. McCarthy deserves respect for what he has accomplished but if Atlanta wants to turn their franchise around they simply cannot seriously consider drafting the quarterback.