4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should consider drafting behind Kirk Cousins

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1. Spencer Rattler

Spencer Rattler had his pro-day attended by a large contingent from the Atlanta Falcons. This speaks to the fact the team is interested both in Rattler and in adding to the position. Rattler is going to be in the perfect draft range for the Falcons at quarterback position.

The first two rounds should be focused on the defense unless the team adds another weapon for Kirk Cousins. After that, their approach should widen including considering taking Spencer Rattler. Rattler has all of the tools to be a great backup or even a starter in this league.

However, his college experience was far from what was expected. He failed with the Sooners getting beat out by his backup and never lived up to expectations in South Carolina. Still, he remains an interesting project quarterback for the right team.

Atlanta could retain Heinicke and draft Rattler to fill the third quarterback role. Having the ability to sit and learn behind two veterans with plenty of time to work on adjusting to the next level. This is an ideal fit for both the Falcons and Rattler. The prospect's likely ceiling in this league is as a long-term backup. However, considering recent draft history at the position Rattler could prove draft pundits wrong.