4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should consider drafting behind Kirk Cousins

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2. Michael Penix Jr.

There are only two exceptions that the Atlanta Falcons should make taking a quarterback in the first two rounds. Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels aren't being considered here as they are obvious top-five picks.

Michael Penix Jr. is that second round option the Falcons should hope falls. The older prospect could still benefit from some time on the bench. Allow him more time to get healthy and adjust to the next level behind Kirk Cousins. While Cousins and Penix don't have obvious similarities both are pocket passers that could thrive in Zac Robinson's offense.

This is the only player that should have the Falcons considering using a day two pick on the position. Penix can make every NFL throw and has shown the ability to set up his receivers well. The obvious concerns are the lack of this translating at the college level consistently and his injury history.

Both are red flags but neither should keep the Falcons from taking the risk if he makes it to day two. The more likely outcome is that Penix is selected late in the first round or very early on day two.