4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should consider drafting behind Kirk Cousins

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3. Drake Maye

Drake Maye is the second exception and aside from Marvin Harrison Jr. falling the only other reason not to take an edge at 8th. What is with the sudden criticism of Maye as we near the draft? It has to be a smokescreen from teams hoping he will fall their way.

It is hard to believe that any objective scout or GM would put J.J. McCarthy over Drake Maye. That is a real rumor that has been circulating as the draft draws nearer. If there is even a hint of truth in it the Falcons shouldn't hesitate to explore landing Drake Maye.

The prospect does have some concerns but none that offset his incredible talent. What quarterbacks will hit at the next level is obviously both situational and somewhat luck-based. Drake Maye isn't going to fall out of the top five of this draft.

But if the impossible were to happen the Falcons should jump at the chance of adding a player whose ceiling is as a top 10-15 franchise quarterback. The most likely fit seems to be the Patriots or a team that is willing to trade up with the Cardinals. We could see the draft start with four straight quarterbacks.