4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should consider drafting behind Kirk Cousins

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4. Joe Milton

Yes, Joe Milton was underwhelming as a starter in college. Despite this Milton has a chance to be a late day two pick. While this would be overvaluing the quarterback it speaks to his combine performance and ability. If Milton is still on the board on day three the Falcons should be comfortable taking the quarterback as a project behind Heinicke and Cousins.

You could use Milton's frame as well to run the "tush push" play or in a wildcat package as he eases into the league.

Milton's biggest red flag is the inability to use touch throws to set up his receivers. Too often in college he led them into trouble or missed throws that were past the sticks. These are big concerns and the reason he will likely be a day three pick.

Still, his elite ability is going to make him an interesting project and leave the possibility open he could start in the right situation. Allow Milton to come in for a year and learn behind Cousins. If the Falcons don't see development they can swing a bit bigger in the 2025 draft with little time left on Kirk's deal.