4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should consider to backup Kirk Cousins

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1. Carson Wentz

If the Atlanta Falcons are going to go the veteran route there are far worse options on the market than Carson Wentz. Wentz spent the 2023 season as the backup behind Matthew Stafford playing in the final game of the season. While there was nothing spectacular about this performance Wentz looked like a capable starter who could win games if needed in the short term.

Carson Wentz is going to be remembered for his time with Philly and how the season played out with Nick Foles leading the team to the Super Bowl. It is easy to forget just how highly Wentz was viewed and the expectations Philly had for him before things went awry.

Since that time Wentz has made stops with the Colts and Commanders as a starter and failed to keep the starting job. Wentz far too often simply tries to do too much and play hero ball when he needs to protect himself and the football. These are things that Wentz did in his lone game with the Rams and gives teams reason to believe he could be a great starting option if their starter goes down. Atlanta should at least be checking in.