4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should consider to backup Kirk Cousins

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3. Joe Flacco

Yes, the playoff game was a concern, and perhaps Joe Flacco returning back to earth. However, if the Falcons were to sign the veteran it isn't as a starter but as an emergency option if they are unable to find a capable rookie to develop in the draft. Even if they draft a quarterback having either a rookie or Flacco as the third emergency option is appealing.

When Joe Flacco returned to the league with the Browns late into the year it was as if the clock had been turned back. The Browns have a good not great primary receiver in Amari Cooper. Flacco was force-feeding him the ball and making plays down the field with shocking regularity.

It was as if he had come off the couch deciding he was simply going to have fun making as many plays as possible accepting turnovers playing loose and free within an often lifeless offense. If Flacco wants to return the Falcons could do far worse at the backup position.

It would be a very comparable move to Atlanta's signing of Matt Schaub to sit behind Matt Ryan. Makes sense for both sides and not the threat that a rookie quarterback like Penix might bring.