4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should sign if they draft a quarterback

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It seems very likely that the Atlanta Falcons are either going to trade for a quarterback or use their first-round selection to move up or draft who they believe is the future of the franchise. The only possible fit that is out there that wouldn't need a veteran backup is Kirk Cousins.

Cousins staying with the Vikings seems increasingly likely, however, and Atlanta's best path to finding a long-term answer is in the draft. If that happens Atlanta needs to have a reliable veteran behind a potential rookie draft pick or if they traded for Justin Fields.

This is a roster that requires only top 15-20 quarterback play to be in the playoffs either this past season or in the 2024 season. Atlanta needs to have at least two players in the building that they feel can give them this level of production. With what the roster has been through in the past two seasons it is clear just how badly the quarterback position has held them back.

Fixing this issue should be at the top of the priority list as soon as the Falcons hire their next head coach. Looking at potential backup options that could give the Falcons this level of play four names stand out.