4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should sign if they draft a quarterback

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1. Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz remains one of the most interesting stories at the quarterback position over the last decade. After his time with Washington and in Indy fans forget the level of play Wentz brought before things imploded in Philly. Nick Foles took over the Eagles team and led them to a Super Bowl after Wentz suffered a season-ending injury. What is lost in this is that before Foles took over Carson Wentz was playing at an MVP level.

The quarterback clearly lost the team to Foles and hasn't been the same player since. However, Wentz has still been a capable starter he put together good numbers with the Colts and was solid in his one start for the Rams this season.

Carson Wentz may get another shot at a starting job this offseason. If, however, he is forced to settle for a backup role he should be at the top of Atlanta's list. Wentz may not ever again find MVP form but there is reason to believe with the right team he can get close to this level of production. If Carson was the starter for the Falcons in the 2023 season one could easily make the argument they wouldn't be sitting home watching the Bucs host the Eagles.