4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should sign if they draft a quarterback

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2. Ryan Tannehill

Another veteran starter that is going to be a top backup option or possibly have a chance to compete for a starting job. With Arthur Smith now gone the idea of adding Tannehill is completely different. In this scenario adding Ryan is only an option if the Falcons traded for Fields or drafted a quarterback.

Tannehill fell out of favor with the Titans and their fans after a memorable playoff meltdown. Despite drafting two quarterbacks in the time since the Titans still can't seem to find an answer that is any better than the veteran quarterback. It is still clear that this group is turning the page on the veteran.

Ryan Tannehill is a great backup option and much like Wentz, one could easily make the argument with Tannehill as the starter the 2023 Falcons are a playoff team. That speaks both to the poor decisions Atlanta made at quarterback and how solid this Atlanta roster is outside of the most important position.

Bringing Tannehill in without the threat of Smith naming him the long-term option is a completely different move now for the Falcons. A move the team should heavily consider making if Wentz isn't on the market.