4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should sign if they draft a quarterback

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3. Sam Darnold

It is more than fair to throw out the Carolina Panthers stats for Sam Darnold after what we have seen from Bryce Young and Baker Mayfield. Mayfield left the Panthers for what appeared to be a rebuilding roster and instantly was a different quarterback. For Darnold, however, this still leaves the struggles we watched with the Jets.

Sam has all of the tools to be an NFL starter but whether due to the franchises he landed with or simply poor development it hasn't worked. Darnold is now the backup for Brock Purdy through their playoff run before hitting free agency.

Darnold has an interesting upside to consider when you look at Atlanta's weapons. While you will need to be confident in your first option the Falcons could do much worse than Darnold as the team's primary backup.

The quarterback has been praised in San Francisco and likely has rebuilt some level of confidence. Having him in Atlanta as the second option is a solid move for a franchise that needs to have two guys on the roster they believe can give them a chance to win games.