4 Quarterbacks the Atlanta Falcons should sign if they draft a quarterback

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4. Drew Lock

One of the best moments of the NFL season was watching Drew Lock lead an improbable comeback over the Eagles. Lock stepped in to start for the injured Geno Smith and had one of the best moments of the season. The raw emotion and reaction after the comeback was one of the highlights of the season for a player who has had a rough career so far.

Lock showed flashes of being an answer in Denver but never was able to consistently produce. Seattle gave him a fresh start in those flashes have returned with Drew making himself a great second option.

If the Falcons aren't able to land a backup with more experience Wentz/Tannehill, they should consider Lock a solid answer for the position. Atlanta needs to understand they are a team simply held back by their lack of an edge rusher and most importantly the quarterback position. Fix both of those problems in the offseason and this is a playoff roster that can find a way back to consistent playoff appearances and respectability.

Lock isn't the best answer, but it would be a good move for a franchise that needs a second option that has proven they can step in and win games.