4 Quarterbacks the Falcons should consider targeting in this year's NFL Draft

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1. Michael Penix Jr.

Since the Atlanta Falcons signed Kirk Cousins this has been the most speculated fit for the franchise. Penix Jr. has some clear concerns that could push him to the 2nd round and yet, still has the upside to be a possible franchise answer.

Atlanta's only chance at drafting a quarterback in the first round is if Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels fall outside of the top five selections. Reasonably this isn't happening leaving day two as the earliest the Falcons will chase the position.

A trade back to acquire another 2nd rounder to take Penix or trading up in the 2nd on day two are both considerations. The question will be how much urgency does Atlanta have to replace Cousins? Considering the offseason upgrades the team is unlikely to be in a good position next offseason to chase the position.

Still, with a thirty-five-year-old quarterback coming off of surgery, there is a need to consider the future. Penix Jr. is your best chance at finding a starter in this draft. The rest of the fits on this list are project quarterbacks with clear concerns. Atlanta's approach will be interesting to watch considering the depth needed to finish the roster.