4 Quarterbacks the Falcons should consider targeting in this year's NFL Draft

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2. Joe Milton

Milton is a day-three talent who comes with obvious concerns for anyone who has watched him. The lack of accuracy and consistency as a passer are going to drop him in this draft. In pure talent, there are few prospects in the draft that can match arm strength or physical traits.

Having a cannon as an arm is only useful, however, if you can use it with some level of accuracy. Drafting Milton would have to happen in the 6th round with the Falcons understanding he will be the third quarterback and a project player.

Milton's arm is the reason he is being considered as a potential draft pick. The talent is enough to outweigh the obvious holes in his game. Milton as your emergency quarterback is valuable in that it allows Taylor Heinicke to keep his role and allows you a rookie quarterback fans aren't going to be clamoring for the first time that Cousins throws an interception.

How much does Atlanta value stability at the position vs. adding a possible future starter? That is the question the franchise must weigh heading into Thursday night. Milton is going to be a day-three selection will Atlanta still be looking at the position?