4 Quarterbacks the Falcons should consider targeting in this year's NFL Draft

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3. Sam Hartman

Sam Hartman continues a theme here as another prospect with great ability but clear limitations. For Hartman, the question is can he make plays within an NFL offense and stay within the rhythm of the game? So much of what he did well was getting outside of the pocket or keeping the play alive and making a throw off schedule when things were breaking down.

At the next level, he isn't going to be quick and athletic enough to play with this style. Hartman could be a solid backup option if he can calm his play style at the next level.

With that said, what works against Hartman is also a part of what makes him an interesting pick as a project quarterback. Hartman isn't a pocket passer and is athletic enough to keep the defense honest. The quarterback can make every needed NFL throw and a large majority of the mechanical issues can be cleaned up in the right system.

Hartman has a ceiling as a solid backup quarterback and is worth taking a risk on at the right price. Atlanta wouldn't be adding an obvious franchise answer but making a position that has held them back stronger.