4 Quarterbacks the Falcons should consider targeting in this year's NFL Draft

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4. Spencer Rattler

There is so much to love about Rattler's game that it becomes easy to be fooled by his talent level vs. what he put on the field. Let's start with the obvious problems. Rattler's form often breaks down when he is under pressure and this results in accuracy issues or poor decisions.

Rattler's ability to read an NFL defense and make the right decisions is obviously a concern as well. He will need time to adjust at the next level and even with time, it is fair to question whether he will be able to read a defense effectively.

With this in mind, Rattler is still worth a late draft pick based on the possible project. He isn't an elite runner but has the size and pocket presence to get himself out of harm's way. Rattler has been at his best when given quick reads and has shown an ability to make all the needed plays when the pocket is kept clean.

Atlanta's choices all come with clear concerns and very little chance of being a long-term starter. Still, Atlanta needs to add to the position understanding with Kirk Cousins they are working under a clock.