4 Reasons Arthur Smith has lost the Atlanta Falcons fanbase

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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3. Smith's inability to adjust

If your head coach isn't getting it done as a play caller one would hope he has the self-awareness to give someone else the chance. Not Arthur Smith, as things get worse Smith seems to do everything but look in the mirror and wear the failure at designing and calling plays. This goes deeper than Smith calling the plays as well.

Why are the Falcons in-game adjustments taking so long and poorly executed? The Falcons would be better off calling basic plays and giving their stars a chance to make someone miss. Instead, Smith prefers to call the same plays that did work over and over until the defense makes them pay.

Arthur Smith hasn't adjusted well when it comes to the quarterback position, getting his stars the ball, play design, or giving someone else a chance to call this offense. Yes, Dave Ragone doesn't have an eye-popping resume but could he truly be any worse for the Falcons?

Smith has plenty of individual reasons why he has lost this fanbase and should be fired. The common thread is a stubborn inability to adjust to what the facts say the head coach should be doing. Smith has had an impressive career and was a great OC, but clearly isn't the right head coach for Atlanta.