4 Reasons Arthur Smith has lost the Atlanta Falcons fanbase

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4. Arthur Smith's handling of the media

Some of the greatest coaches in college and NFL history can be condescending or just plain rude to the media. Nick Saban jumps out as a clear example of a great coach who doesn't always have time to indulge the media. You can take this attitude when you have a history of winning and are in a position of power. That doesn't mean it is the right demeanor but there is an earned sense of entitlement that no one dares challenge when you're that proven of a winner.

Arthur Smith is far from a proven winner as a head coach in this league. However, that didn't slow the coach down from making sarcastic remarks. Whether it was the infamous and continual fantasy football cracks or obvious frustration when being asked about the quarterback situation or his star player's usage.

Smith took on the demeanor of a Super Bowl winning head coach whose strategies were above questioning. Again if this works and the Falcons are winning no one cares. However, when the sarcastic answers you gave earlier in the year are to questions that prove to be part of this team's downfall things will roll downhill fast. Smith has the bravado down. what Atlanta needs, however, is a coach who actually knows how to win.