4 reasons ex-Falcons HC Arthur Smith will fail with Pittsburgh Steelers

After a rough tenure as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Smith will now be the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers and there are valid reasons to be pessimistic.

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2. Arthur Smith will have to deal with strong personalities

The Atlanta Falcons' core group of offensive players are all humble players. Bijan Robinson is as respectful as they come, Kyle Pitts, Jonnu Smith, and Tyler Allgeier are quiet and humble, and Drake London isn't an I-need-the-ball-every-play receiver.

Arthur Smith, as we all know, struggled to use his core players and if any one of them was a diva then there would have been some explosions on the sidelines.

Now, he will be going to Pittsburgh where he will have to deal with someone by the name of George Pickens. Pickens is not going to put up with a Drake London-level of action from last season. We have seen him flip out numerous times and stop trying due to a lack of opportunities.

And then you have Diontae Johnson who has been punished before for quitting on the field.

It is going to be interesting to see how the new offensive coordinator meshes with these two personalities.

The real question: O/U 17.5 George Pickens sideline meltdowns in 2024?