4 reasons Kirk Cousins shouldn't be mad at the Falcons for drafting Michael Penix Jr.

With so many rumors about Kirk Cousins being mad at the Atlanta Falcons for drafting Michael Penix Jr., here are some reasons why he shouldn't be angry.
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2. Kirk Cousins signed the contract knowing the details

It doesn't take an NFL agent to read between the lines of what the Atlanta Falcons' intentions are when they offered him this mega deal. It is structured in a way where you can feasibly move on from him after two seasons.

If Cousins truly wanted long-term job security then he shouldn't have agreed to this deal—it is as simple as that.

Cousins and his agent knew what they were signing. They knew why the Falcons structured things the way they did. They also know that Cousins isn't getting any younger and the team would be stupid if they didn't look toward the future.

Is drafting a quarterback in the top ten a month after you sign one to a deal worth almost $200 million unconventional? 100%, but this is the NFL and if they didn't think this was a possibility then they are very naive.