4 reasons Kirk Cousins shouldn't be mad at the Falcons for drafting Michael Penix Jr.

With so many rumors about Kirk Cousins being mad at the Atlanta Falcons for drafting Michael Penix Jr., here are some reasons why he shouldn't be angry.
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3. The Falcons named Kirk Cousins the starting quarterback

The Falcons have no intentions of starting Michael Penix Jr. in week one. They have made that clear and that should be enough for Kirk Cousins.

This isn't a quarterback competition or controversy, this is a situation where both guys have their defined roles. I don't know what more you could want if you are Cousins.

While it might be shocking that the Falcons didn't use their top draft pick on a defender, nothing changes for the veteran quarterback. There will be a younger player sitting behind him which is something Terry Fontenot already said would be the case before the draft.

Even if the Falcons hadn't named Cousins the starter immediately after it would still be his responsibility to go prove why he should be the starter—that is applicable for every position in every job.

Cousins knows that better than anyone. He came into the league as a mid-round pick by a team who had just used their second-overall pick on a Heisman Trophy winner.