4 reasons Kirk Cousins shouldn't be mad at the Falcons for drafting Michael Penix Jr.

With so many rumors about Kirk Cousins being mad at the Atlanta Falcons for drafting Michael Penix Jr., here are some reasons why he shouldn't be angry.
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4. Besides money, the Falcons do not owe Kirk Cousins anything

Kirk Cousins has been with the Atlanta Falcons for just over a month. The two sides hardly know each other and Cousins has yet to put up a single statistic for the team.

Besides the exurbanite amount of money, the Atlanta Falcons do not owe Kirk Cousins a thing.

This situation has been compared to the Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers, and Jordan Love situation from 2020. Many media personalities have pushed back on that comparison when trying to justify criticizing the Falcons for their decision to draft Michael Penix Jr. In reality, it should be the other way around.

Tell me, which team owed more to the player: the Green Bay Packers to Aaron Rodgers, or the Atlanta Falcons to Kirk Cousins? There is no debate, the answer is the Packers and Rodgers.

Rodgers was 3,913 completions, 46,946 passing yards, 364 passing touchdowns, 113 wins, 2 MVPs, and one championship into his career with the Packers. Meanwhile, Cousins is a bunch of zeros into his career with the Falcons.

Not to mention, the Packers had pressure on them to finally give Rodgers a first-round talent at a skill position. When you take everything into account, Rodgers had everything to be angry about while Cousins has very little to be angry about.

Obviously, the Jordan Love draft pick worked out for the Packers and that was a contributing factor in the Falcons drafting Penix.

I hope more than anything that Kirk Cousins succeeds and breaks a long drought in Atlanta. Who knows what his exact feelings are on this situation but there should be nothing other than a competitive fire ignited in him after hearing Penix's name announced at pick eight.


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