4 reasons the Falcons made the right choice with Michael Penix Jr.

Here is why the Atlanta Falcons made the correct choice when drafting Michael Penix Jr.
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2. You have to have a short-term and long-term plan at QB

Kirk Cousins is the starting quarterback for the Falcons. This isn't a competition which is why so many people are tearing this decision apart, however, the fact that people are missing is that every team has to have their future in mind. After all, one bad bounce of the ball can ruin anyone's season.

Kirk Cousins is not the ten-year starter. The Falcons didn't have a successor for him in place and there is no time to fix that like the present. You don't know where you are going to pick in the next three drafts. You also don't know what the pool of quarterbacks will look like.

The Falcons saw a guy they loved and believed in and they went and got him because they knew that they needed to give themselves as many bites at the apple as they could. This franchise does not want to put themselves in a three-year bind in trying to win their first championship.

By taking Michael Penix Jr. you give yourself a lot longer leash when it comes to being a perennial contender. Not to mention, I like the idea of Penix going into the game if Kirk Cousins were to get injured more than Taylor Heinicke.