4 reasons the Falcons made the right choice with Michael Penix Jr.

Here is why the Atlanta Falcons made the correct choice when drafting Michael Penix Jr.
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3. Defensive players were pushed down the board

This was the perfect year for the Falcons to make a shocking pick like this because of all the defensive players that got shoved right down the board after we saw 14 straight offensive players go off the board to start the night.

There were only nine defensive players who went in the first round. With how everything played out, taking any defender at pick eight was a bigger reach than taking Michael Penix Jr.

Each offensive player drafted means there will be one more defensive player available to the Falcons when they are on the clock next.

And with how much value Raheem Morris found in mid-round defenders as the Rams' defensive coordinator, I fully trust him to find all the pieces he needs for his defense outside of round one.