4 reasons to still have hope for the Atlanta Falcons in 2023

The Atlanta Falcons, once again, have disappointed their fans but despite their lackluster play recently, there is still reason to hold onto hope for the 2023 season
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals / Mike Christy/GettyImages
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4 reasons to have hope in the 2023 Atlanta Falcons

At what point should you wave the white flag on your team's season? There is no clear answer unless you want to rely on analytics to tell you that the season is over.

Right now it feels like the Atlanta Falcons are done for. They have dropped three ugly games in a row (three games they had no excuses to lose) and they gave up their sole possession of first place in the NFC South.

What makes it even more disappointing is the fact that they started out the season on such a high note.

Even though everything feels lost, there is still reason to keep hope alive that the Atlanta Falcons will win the NFC South and break their long playoff drought.

1. Falcons don't play a team above .500

It is no secret that the Atlanta Falcons had the easiest schedule in the NFL this year and that remains true over the final stretch before the postseason.

The Atlanta Falcons have seven games remaining and not a single one of those teams is above .500 heading into week 11. Only two of them are sitting at .500, the Saints and the Colts. Everything is there for the taking if you are the Atlanta Falcons, which also means there are no excuses to not reach the playoffs.