4 reasons to still have hope for the Atlanta Falcons in 2023

The Atlanta Falcons, once again, have disappointed their fans but despite their lackluster play recently, there is still reason to hold onto hope for the 2023 season

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals / Mike Christy/GettyImages
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2. Falcons can easily still win the NFC South

At this point, the only hope the Atlanta Falcons have in making the postseason is winning those divisional games. The good news is that they are 2-0 in division games while the Saints and Buccaneers are 1-1 and the Panthers are 0-2.

The Falcons and Saints are both heading into their bye week. The Saints are in first place with a record of 5-5, Buccaneers are in second at 4-5, and the Falcons are in third at 4-6. The Bucs are scheduled to play the 49ers this week so one can figure that they will probably match the Falcons record on Sunday night.

This brings us to week 12 when the Falcons will host the Saints. At the very least, the Falcons would jump the Saints in the standings if they were to win. If you do that then you are sitting in a good position.

The division is there for the taking, we will just have to see if the Atlanta Falcons can make the right adjustments coming out of the bye week, heading into their biggest game of the year.