4 remaining concerns with the Atlanta Falcons following the preseason

The preseason told us a lot about the Atlanta Falcons and here are four concerns that still remain with the team
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4. How will the Atlanta Falcons manage without Jeff Okudah and can Okudah stay healthy when he returns?

The Atlanta Falcons secondary is in good shape overall. They have four safeties who can contribute early on, A.J. Terrell as a lockdown corner, and then a few solid options at nickel corner.

However, they have an uncertainty opposite Terrell, especially after Jeff Okudah's injury. The first concern is if the defense can manage without Okudah and then when Okudah returns, can he stay healthy?

We don't have a clear timetable for when the former third-overall pick will return, but for now, the defense will count on Tre Flowers. If they can get Okudah back early and keep him healthy then they should be in good shape because he has been a quality player when on the field.

The duo of Terrell and Okudah has the potential to be the best in the league and we need to see them together as soon as possible.