4 Remaining free agent fits for the Atlanta Falcons

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4. Rashaan Evans

The Falcons are obviously wanting to put Mykal Walker and Troy Andersen in larger roles if they choose to move on without Evans. However, bringing back the veteran considering the defensive line upgrades and lack of proven production would make a level of sense for both sides.

Evans set a career-high in tackles, fumble recoveries, and games started. This decision will be a difficult one weighing allowing Walker and Andersen the chance to further develop vs. bringing in a known contributor with a rebuilt defense.

Atlanta's defensive line is completely rebuilt and the addition of Jessie Bates will help erase a lot of mistakes on the back end of the defense. Bringing Evans back feels like the safe move to make for a team that clearly is making a playoff push.

Bringing Evans back in a lesser role should be an option allowing the trio of Walker, Anderson, and Evans to all play large role manning the middle of the defense.