4 Rookie quarterbacks in a worse situations than Michael Penix Jr.

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There is no question that the quarterback situation in Atlanta isn't ideal. You just paid Kirk Cousins $180-million. You followed this up by drafting Michael Penix Jr. 8th overall and creating a potentially very uncomfortable situation for both quarterbacks. Cousins could have landed elsewhere without a threat to his position just as Penix could have been drafted as a potential starter if he had made it past Atlanta.

Being frustrated at the pick is understandable but the answer to the move is still unknown. With Penix Jr. expected to sit at least two years Falcons fans will long be waiting for the answer. The biggest issue remains that Atlanta opted to draft Penix Jr. with so many pressing roster needs after signing Kirk Cousins.

Every mock draft expert and NFL pundit knew that Penix Jr. would still be on the board when Atlanta's number was called. This leads to the obvious question of if they thought of the quarterback so highly why sign Cousins for four years?

A highly paid two-year deal or bringing in a cheaper bridge option would both be far more plausible explanations. Again, Falcons fans are arguing against an unknown at this point with only Penix Jr. starting to give the final answer to these questions. Despite this Penix Jr. is far from the worst situation among rookie quarterbacks.