4 Rookie quarterbacks in a worse situations than Michael Penix Jr.

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1. Bo Nix

If you're Bo Nix and saw how Sean Payton just treated Rusell Wilson how are you feeling? As a rookie quarterback there has to already be a healthy level of apprehension. Add in the mess at Denver and things have the chance to get ugly very quickly for the rookie.

Aside from who your head coach is you have the obvious problem of a lack of elite weapons. You're also playing in a division where you might have the third-most talented roster. The Chargers and Chiefs are going to be much better teams with far superior pieces and leadership.

Leaving you competing with the Raiders to be in the basement of the division. Yes, you have vast college experience but none of it is going to prepare you for the mess Sean Payton has created in Denver in the same division as the two-time defending Super Bowl champs.

Bo Nix arguably couldn't have landed in a worse situation with a team under immense pressure to show Wilson was the problem and not Sean Payton.