4 Rookie quarterbacks in a worse situations than Michael Penix Jr.

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2. Spencer Rattler

Rattler was expected by many mock draft experts to go off the board far sooner than reality. Rattler was picked by the Saints and joins a crowded and potentiall toxic quarterback situation. There were already concerns about Rattler's ability to lead. Now the issue is going to be can he make this roster behind more experienced backups and a utility player that always finds his way into starting at the position?

Derek Carr and Spencer Rattler is an interesting dynamic that should be fascinating to watch throughout camp and the preseason. Both players are facing major questions and this is a do or die season for Dennis Allen.

3. Drake Maye

Maye is a great prospect and was the right choice by the New England Patriots. However, you have a roster that is far removed from the dynasty it once was. Where are the weapons on this team that will help Maye compete in a division with Rodgers, Tua, and Allen?

This has a chance to be the most competitive division in football due to those three guys. Facing three-star quarterbacks six times each season while competing in the AFC is a brutal hand for an exciting young player.