4 Rookies the Atlanta Falcons could target for Kirk Cousins

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1. Brock Bowers

If the Atlanta Falcons drafted another tight end inside the top ten in four seasons the fans may completely lose their minds. This is a pick that Arthur Smith would make in a heartbeat and clearly wouldn't work in his offense.

However, if we are being objective there is a real chance that Bowers is the best player on the board when Atlanta's number is called. Bowers is more of a receiver than a tight end and would fix a lot of Atlanta's depth issues at pass catcher.

Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot clearly want to fill all of the roster holes and head into the draft able to make a pick like this. They want to be able to trade or take the best player on the board and that could be Brock Bowers. If you watched Georgia at all in the past two seasons you know what an elite talent that Bowers can be and the impact he will have at the next level.

If it wasn't for the fact the Falcons just drafted Kyle Pitts and how it has played out over the past three years Atlanta fans are a lot more open to this idea.