4 Rookies the Atlanta Falcons could target for Kirk Cousins

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1. Marvin Harrison Jr.

If the Atlanta Falcons fix all of the issues on their roster ahead of the NFL Draft do you consider a trade up? Teams are going to be anxious to move into position for a quarterback opening up the chance that Harrison falls outside the top five picks. While the Cardinals are a likely landing spot as they are saddled with Kyler Murray it is an idea the team should at least explore.

Remember the last time the Falcons were a relevant playoff team? It was built around a veteran quarterback and an elite talent at receiver. Yes, the Falcons played solid defense and had great secondary weapons but everything ran through Julio Jones and Matt Ryan.

Kirk Cousins and Drake London are both great players but neither will have the peak of Ryan or Jones. If you want to change your ceiling go out and add a player that could be a top-five receiver in year one. Marvin Harrison Jr. would be the first pick in this draft if teams weren't desperate for a quarterback. He is clearly going to slip past the first three picks could the Falcons have a chance to make a surprise move up?