4 Rookies the Atlanta Falcons could target for Kirk Cousins

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3. Ladd McConkey

Bowers and Harrison neither feel like moves that Terry Fontenot is going to be willing to make. As elite as both players appear to be they should be on every team's radar but the likelier move for the Falcons is taking the best player on the board and looking to land a receiver on day two.

If the Falcons are in a position to draft Ladd McConkey he is clearly the best fit for this team. After Bowers, McConkey was often the primary option on a championship team. He has an impressive route tree and speed that the Falcons so obviously lack at the position.

Keeping a Georgia Bulldog fan favorite in Georgia is a win for the franchise and fills a clear need at a position. Ladd is a bit undersized but has shown an ability to stay healthy and pick his spots to fight for yardage. Kirk Cousins needs a speed change of pace option that Ladd McConkey would be for the Falcons. While there are other players that would fill this role for the Falcons in this draft there isn't as clear of a fit as Ladd McConkey. The problem with this move is Ladd is likely a very early day-two pick. Can the Falcons move into position to make the move?