4 Running backs the Atlanta Falcons could pair with Allgeier in 2023

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Jerick Mckinnon
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1. Jerick McKinnon

Jerick is coming off a season with only 291 rushing yards, however, paired with Patrick Mahomes Jerick set a career-high in receiving yards with 512 winning a ring with the Chiefs in a backup role. McKinnon is not the typical running back in Arthur Smith's system.

Whether it is Allgeier, Patterson, Huntley, or Davis at their best they are all bruisers who seek out contact and play with a high level of physicality. McKinnon is far more of a finesse player, not a guy who will run through anyone but he is quick enough to make the first would-be tackler miss.

McKinnon does fit Smith's system in his ability to play receiver at a high level out of the backfield. Smith loves players who can fill multiple roles and while McKinnon lacks the physicality it would be a great fit in Smith's offense. A trio of McKinnon, Allgeier, and Patterson would give the Falcons a top-five run game and allow Ridder to have two great receivers out of the backfield.

McKinnon is in year eight but has consistently been in a reserve role helping to extend his career and making him an overlooked potential addition this off-season.