4 Running backs the Atlanta Falcons could pair with Allgeier in 2023

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Kenyan Drake
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4. Kenyan Drake

Despite bouncing around the league Kenyan Drake has averaged 4.0 yards per carry or above in every year of his career so far. Drake has spent time with the Dolphins, Cardinals, Raiders, and Ravens.

Drake is an above-average receiver out of the backfield and would give the Falcons a player similar to Mack that would be easy to cut and move on from if they find their third option in the draft.

Regardless of where Atlanta chooses to address the position it is clear the Falcons must add depth for Arthur Smith's system to be at its best. Smith focuses on rotating 2-3 contributors at the position working to not wear down the rushing attack with it getting stronger as the season wears on.

This system is proven to work well not only in Atlanta but in San Francisco where consistently the running backs haven't mattered. It is the coaching scheme and rotating who is in the backfield that allowed the 49ers to find so much success.